Kiahree just released his new song “Kaaliyah” off his new album Light Work.

“The song details a very self-destructive period in my life that emerged when I became a married man. I was finding myself doing the wrong things and not listening to the calling of righteous and holiness that God had for my life,” he explained. “I wasn’t thinking about all the things that I was putting my new wife through while I was chasing my lust and my own self-gain, and I didn’t think about the environment that I was creating within her womb as we were having miscarriages and trying to start a family. I decided to make a song to our unborn daughter, that we know is coming when God decides to send her, and explain to her why I wasn’t thinking in my right mind and that now I am ready to be the dad that she and her mother deserves. It’s an interesting angle and POV to rap from, and I think it would make for a good listen.”

Listen to Kiahree Below:

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