Rapper Kay Sade released her new song “Speed Up,” and spoke about it with us for Fast 5 Fridays.

1. What is the general message behind this song?

This song is a reflective, self-encouraging piece about keeping the faith, being resourceful and maintaining momentum through any circumstance. I got married in January of this year. Between my marriage and the disbandment of TKB, I’ve been assessing my creative goals against other life responsibilities. I’m finding ways to balance my home life with my goals as an artist. I have no plans to slow down. If anything, I’m speeding up.

2. How did you get inspired to create it?

The song is a continuation of a verse I posted on Instagram for Dru Bex’s “Gotta Go” Challenge. That verse became my first Instagram video with over 1,000 views, so I took a poll asking people if I should turn it into a full song. The answer was ‘yes’. I added a second verse, hook, and outro to fill out the idea.

3. Who produced the song and how’d the production come about?

I produced the song. The original beat was lighthearted and had a completely different vibe, drums, and all. I wanted something with more depth so I played some electric piano chords, redid the drums and added a string track. Then, I added the sci-fi synth to bring some brightness back into it all. I was into making beats before I got into rapping. I want to incorporate more of my production into my rap so that people can get a fuller scope of who I am as an artist.

4. Is this track part of an overall project or a standalone single? What can we expect this song to be the start of?

This is a standalone single. Depending on the direction or “vibe” of my project (in the works) I might include this song on that. You can expect many more singles from me before the year’s end, both full-scale productions and minimalist stuff (a Capellas, single-instrument rap, etc.).

5. Why should people listen to this song or your music in general?

People should listen to my music if they want to feel inspired and empowered to do good and take action towards their dreams. This song is an extension of that. They should also listen if they’re into artists who don’t shy away from exploring their sound and providing a fuller musical experience. Melodies can be just as potent as bars. The way you rap can be just as impactful as what you rap. I want to help people re-imagine the possibilities of what Christian rap can do.

Listen to Kay Sade Below: