Jeff Cabreja

Jeff Cabreja – US ft. Ian Kenville, DZH, and Young Prophet

Jeff Cabreja released his new track “US” featuring Ian Kenville, DZH, and Young Prophet.

Jeff’s Perspective:

“US. The overlooked and underestimated. The ones who are stepped on brushed aside, forgotten, and taken advantage of. This was me. I thought I was alone but I’m not. We’re not. We are one and as one we are bigger, better, and stronger. Together nothing can stop us or hold us back. This record goes out for all those who have felt like me and are stuck. I want everyone to know and be a part of this movement… the movement that rises above the struggle, above the hate, above the obstacles and roadblocks and continues to move forward… progressing and succeeding.”

Ian Kenville’s Perspective:

“To me, Us was all about getting the chip off my shoulder. Not in an arrogant way, but Jeff said, “Tell em how you really feel,” so I did. I mean, we all have had some artist turn us down without even giving us a chance, some punk who didn’t even listen to our song, some friend who didn’t take the music seriously… and it sucks. Then, you get some Rapzilla placements, a couple shoutouts from some artists making major waves, and everybody wants to act like they were always there. Not with me though… I remember who was at the shows, who bumped my old tapes, and even remember who came when I was starting to get some buzz.”

DZH’s Perspective:

“When Jeff sent me this record, I knew exactly how I wanted it to go. Wrote the verse within about an hour or so. For me, it seemed like one of those records for the anomalies; the ones who don’t yet have a voice and/or the ones who have it, but don’t necessarily believe in themselves yet. It also was a bit of a warning as well if you think about it after a few listens. The artwork speaks for itself and it ’s definitely a squad anthem for us.

Young Prophet’s Perspective:

“Personally, I took it as looking straight at the opposition and showing them what I got; people have been telling me I won’t make it but I easily brush that off. I’m too focused to care about what someone else thinks of me so Ima just let the grind speak for itself.”

Listen to Jeff Cabreja Below:

Purchase or stream here.

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