Rapper J. Monty has been quiet for a while by the time has come for the grand reveal! Back in July he subtly announced that he signed a deal with Sony Music. Two weeks ago he announced he’d be on tour with Derek Minor and Canon. In it, was a promise to not tour empty-handed. Now here’s the promise coming to fruition.

“I have no words to articulate how I’m feeling right now. I waited 3 years for this one moment,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ve fought, I’ve cried, the enemy literally tried to take me out through that robbery right before I could make this announcement. I couldn’t sleep for days thinking about how close my family was to disaster. I could be dead right now, but no. Instead, I’m here to tell you my debut single drops this Friday & Nobody can take that from me!!!!”

J. Monty Single Cover:

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The song is called “7 Nights,” and is coming on August 31st. It would be safe to assume an album announcement is next.