GodFrame released his third album Hello Jesus on Friday, Aug. 10. The emcee also debuted the lyric video for the title track.

The album is meant to inspire listeners to strengthen their relationships with God. “The title, Hello Jesus, as well as the paper airplane icon featured in the artwork/marketing, is a reminder of the unrelenting presence of God,” he said. “I wanted people to see that just as easily as you would send a direct message to one of your family members or friends. That’s how easy it is to communicate with God. A lot of people think that God is this unreachable, unloving, cold-hearted, distant being who isn’t concerned about what we’re going through in life. But Psalm 145 tells us that the Lord is near to those who call on him. That means He’s with us, He’s with you, and He does care.”

Listen to GodFrame Below:

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