F’RAEL dropped his single “Hip-Hop Hates Me” for free download on Rapzilla.com’s SoundCloud.

“‘Hip-Hop Hates’ me derived from my testimony as a Christian. In most cases when we hear the term ‘Hip-Hop’ we don’t think about the church. Most of us think about the trap, sex, murder, gangs and all other things that pertain to the streets,” he explained. “As a Christian Hip-Hop artist, I wanted to pay with the slogan that Hip-Hop hates me because the Hip-Hop culture hastes all that I stand for such as holiness, truth, peace, and humility. Colliding the two are very difficult, sometimes listeners are confused about the message, I try to make it a point to be very clear and concise in my approach so that my audience can know the difference.”

Listen to F’RAEL and Download it Below: