Emcee N.I.C.E. (Novelist is Constantly Evolving) touches many industries with his talents. Producing soundtracks for films is just one of the multiple opportunities he has taken. All the time, N.I.C.E. is seeking new and different opportunities to further his talents and the gospel.

N.I.C.E. has worked for some big Hip-Hop industry names, like Tupac and Nas. But N.I.C.E. has worked outside the genre of Hip-Hop/R&B too. In the 2000s, N.I.C.E. created a song called “Pop Life.” Former Prince and the Revolution pianist Doctor Fink, at the same time, was creating a compilation called Doctor Fink Presents a Tribute to Prince. When Fink stumbled upon N.I.C.E’s track, Fink knew he needed that track for his project.  

“Fink heard a record we did called ‘Pop Life,’ so he wanted us to re-record that record and give it to him for his compilation,” said N.I.C.E. “When he played it for Prince, it was approved right away. It’s funny because I met Prince later; he said he dug that record.”

*We found this information to be true through online searching, but unfortunately a version of this song is nowhere to be found online.* 

While N.I.C.E. has produced soundtracks for six films, he did not have his fill with film. In 2015, N.I.C.E. and William Dolla Chapman II co-released the first African American animated cartoon “Da Jammies.” The cartoon was exclusive to Netflix but has been taken down. The cartoon can be watched on Toon Farm Animation.

N.I.C.E. himself voices the main character Novelist and co-directed the soundtrack.

“It’s a dope cartoon about five kids from the suburbs,” explained N.I.C.E. “They sing, dance, and rap. Their whole aspirations are to be the next R&B/Hip-Hop stars while dealing with everyday life as kids. Bullying, phasing, obesity, and self-awareness; we really try to cover these things.”

As his name suggests, the MC is always pushing himself to exploit his talents fully. While he is first and foremost an MC, N.I.C.E. does not limit himself to what he is comfortable with. Pushing his talents and the name of Jesus is what he lives for.

“I look at it from this standpoint,” explained N.I.C.E. “Every day is my evolution, every day I’m on the grind, every day I’m doing something to evolve and push the community of Gospel and Christian Hip-Hop.”

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