Warren Christian of Artificial Christian jumped on a davecreates track to add his own flair to it. He explained the move for Rapzilla on our Fast 5 Fridays segment.

1. What is the general message behind this song?

This song is primarily dealing with relationships. For many of us, we’ve come a long way from our past lives apart from Christ and have been able to experience what it means to truly love and be loved. At the same time, we do have an adversary who is constantly seeking to deter us with lies and doubts. This song lands in that “doubtful” space but doesn’t completely stay there. Similarly to a Psalm, I end by remembering that God loves us. We can rest into that love and also we can be open and honest to others of who we are. The story God has given us because ultimately he uses broken things for His glory. My wife, Jordan, knows my story and she loves me unconditionally. She loves my story because she sees the power of God through it.

2. How did you get inspired to create it?

I had been listening through some music on YouTube while I was in San Diego with my wife and happened to come across the original track by Dave. I reached out to him on IG (I do this very often to artists, thank you Illtalian, Mogli the Iceburg, Montell Fish) and thought that this would not only be a good opportunity to give my perspective on the topics he was discussing in the song but also I love the opportunity to work with an artist from a different country also doing CHH. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with more artists from different countries who love the Lord as the gift of the internet allow those walls of separation to be broken down.

3. Who produced the song and how’d the production come about?

The song was produced by Kaleb Mitchell and Dave had already crushed the original, so it was a pleasure to be able to hop on the second part of this. Pt. 2 was mixed and mastered by Dominic Mendoza of Plus48 who is deeply involved in the production of CHH music here in the Valley.

4. Is this track part of an overall project or a standalone single? What can we expect this song to be the start of?

This particular track is not a part of a specific project but it is a build up to my album release 120 Degrees due to be released late September. The project deals with a place and calling. I am from the Bronx, New York originally but I moved to Arizona, 4 years ago (WOW). Throughout the album, I talk about how the move came about and my reflections on life in Arizona. The production of the album is being handled by Mendoza. I’m also hoping my music can be an injection of something different in the waters of CHH. I think many artists are going with a generally similar sound which I don’t think is a bad thing necessarily but I also think there is beauty in a plurality of styles!

5. Why should people listen to this song or your music in general?

With whatever music that I, Artificial Christian, or any of the artists I’ve had the pleasure to work with here in AZ release, our aim is to be authentically who God created us to be. Storytelling is our language. We get the opportunity to reflect on how the greatest story, the TRUE story of the Gospel, has shaped our worldview. My music is influenced by my Caribbean roots, and I’ve never been afraid to take risks with what I’ll do.

Listen to Warren Christian below: