GOM rapper Datin appeared on TBN Salsa’s “In the Mix with Jeannie Ortega.”

He opened up the show with a performance of “Hallelujah All Day,” before sitting down and talking about his time as a secular artist. He was being courted by Shady Records, Columbia, and others. Datin explained that he ran in the same circles as Eminem’s crew.

However, no matter where he went, he kept being surrounded by Christians and acts of God.

For years he stayed conflicted between being a secular artist and a Christian. The more he tried to be a “positive” or “clean” artist, the more he kept churning out Christian music. It ultimately led to labels being disinterested in him.

He had to put the mic down.

Datin went on to speak about more of his testimony and Christian hip-hop. He then closed out the show with a performance of “P.T.L.”

Check out the interview around the 1 hour and 40-minute mark here.

Watch Datin’s Music Videos for “Hallelujah All Day” and “P.T.L.”: