CZAR Josh announces the release of his forthcoming EP, For Your Heart. The 8-track EP, Josh’s first official project, dives into the difficult struggles faced by those facing depression and suicide.

The rapper has previously released two singles from For Your Heart, “EyezOnThaPrize ft. Kay Sade,” and “Stay Woke ft. Big Yae.”

For Your Heart is set to release on August 31 and listeners will receive the three singles instantly when they pre-order.

CZAR JoshCZAR Josh Tracklist:

1. For Your Heart
2. Love Yourself
3: Everything ft. Phil J.
4. For My Heart
5. Raindrops ft. Roz
6. EyezOnThaPrize ft. Kay Sade
7. Black Boy Joy ft. Aklesso
8. Stay Woke ft. Big Yae



Pre-order here.