Gotee Records recording artist Aaron Cole released a new single on Friday, “Exclusive.”

Listen to Aaron Cole below:

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Girl tell me what we doing honestly
Cause we both know we can’t hide what we’re feeling
So let’s get rid of all the commotion
I’m just tryna show you I’m devoted
You just got a way with my emotions
Yeah you bad and you know it
Girl whenever you’re away
Got me feeling so strange
To see you with someone else I would probably go insane He made us for each other so true
So me and you is what we gon’ do
Cause you making me better
So I ain’t bout to let up
Cause I don’t wanna play with your heart no more I just want me and you Exclusively
Just want me and you exclusively baby
Need you to tell me am I tripping
Tell me are you feeling what I’m feeling
Tell me will you ride with me
Promise you won’t lie to me
You’re everything I prayed for
Everything and way more
I can’t waste no time
Will you just be mine
Guess what I’m tryna say
I’m just tryna make everyday feel like your birthday
Tryna make you feel like you Beyonce
Tryna make all your girls say you lucky
I just know with you I can’t go wrong top down let me show you off Don’t you know I’m here for you I’ma always keep it real with you