Torey D’Shaun dropped his project Boopie today. It’s currently up on Rapzilla’s SoundCloud for a Listening Session. He then took the time to answer some questions about the project.

1. What is the general message behind this album?
The general Message behind the EP is that we are all broken and only God knows the true us but we constantly put on an act and uphold a reputation that’s not even us. My mother called me Boopie as a baby, but I was ashamed of that name but everyone who called me “Boopie” knows me unlike anyone else. A story of how God knows “Boopie” while everyone else knows Torey D’Shaun and all the while, knowing the dirt Boopie has done. He loves me more than anyone who knows, Torey D’Shaun. We need to wear our dirt, it shows God’s redeeming power.

2. How did you get inspired to create it?
I got inspired by my mentor, Paul Fernandez, when one Sunday, he stood up in front of about 200 kids and exposed some of his deepest, darkest sins and everyone was in shock. Even me who already knew some of them. He brought a revival of kids who struggled with the same stuff but thought they were alone and that’s something I’ll never forget. I wanted to do the same so I made “Boopie” and all the rest of my music will be as honest as him.

3. Who did production on the album and why’d you choose them?

That’s not only my producer but one of my best friends who came from a completely different background than hip hop (screamo). We met in the same youth group, got church disciplined together, went to his house made both of our first songs together and that song got me a distribution deal. I love that dude and I truly believe he’s gonna end up on this year’s Freshmen list. He’s an insane singer too.

4. Why is this a step up from your last release?
The production is cleaner. The content is deeper and I’m becoming my own artist slowly.

5. Why should people listen to this album or your music in general?
People should listen because I talk about real issues. Not just the solutions, but also the problems. I’m right in the middle of being a millennial and an oldhead. I listen to all types of music so my musical influence spans all the way from trap to classical to R&B to pop. You literally never know what I’m about to release. Just know it has a very profound message and I never do anything without it having a meaning.

Torey D'Shaun Boopie

Torey D’Shaun Tracklist:

1. Beautiful L
2. Boomerang
3. One Day
4. Debt Free ft. Zauntee
5. Gucci Louie Prada Scuse Me
6. Where I’m at in Life ft. Danielle Apicella
7. Beserk ft. Joey Vantes
8. I Know Who I Am

Listen to Boopie Below:

Purchase or stream here.