Skrip cracked the top 40 of the iTunes hip-hop charts with the release of Field Trip. His much anticipated new album spawned such singles as “Nice Guys,” “These Lights,” and “Muevelo.”

The rapper also took the time to answer some questions for our Fast 5 Fridays segment.

1. What is the general message behind this album?
Field Trip is all about exploring something new. Field Trip’s at school were always an exciting time but you needed permission. I feel at this time God gave me permission and I’m more in this than I ever have been. Field trip contains various pieces of my experience whether it be overcoming adverse situations or people, relational struggles, party music, and come at me music..all in one sitting. Each song carries its own vibe and each song takes the listener to another place.

2. How did you get inspired to create it?
Over the course of my tenure as a traveling recording artist, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of friendships, music industry, politics-you name them –  I know them. Most of the lyrics on Field Trip were off the top freestyles punched in, most of whatever flowed I kept. I’d say this album is a bit more experiential yet aggressive in its sound and message.

3. Who did production on the album and why’d you choose them?
I produced all of my albums and Field Trip is by far my favorite as I’ve unleashed a bit of the sound I’ve been holding back for a few years. It’s a challenge producing my albums and writing the lyrics while giving it the same level of attention. The process becomes longer. My next album I won’t be rapping on it and I’ve already produced it but the one after it and in between it, I’m looking to collab with fresh new talent that produce great rap beats and I may or may not add some elements to it musically. So I’m looking forward to that.

4. Why is this a step up from your last release?
Field Trip supersedes every album I’ve put out in the past being that mentally I’ve matured. I’m not affected by the same things anymore and I’m also a lot more direct. I feel I’ve been prepared for this and I’m about to walk into something far different than I’m used to. I feel that I’ve been chiseled to get to another space and Field Trip is definitely a segway into that.

5. Why should people listen to this album or your music?
If people want to hear something that stretches them sonically, challenges/fires them up boldly or have ONE playlist for a road trip, wedding party, celebration or event this one covers all of the above. Although it leans a BIT more rap heavy, there are sprinkles and RAINFALLS of various other flavors throughout.



1. These Lights
2. Paper Chasing
3. One Minute ft. Datin and Buck Barnabas
4. Muevelo
5. Bumpin the Bass
6. Nice Guys ft. Capital G
7. Right and Wrong
8. Hell Aint Got Nothing on Me ft. Zauntee
9. All White Benz
10. What’s Up Now
11. Love Burn
12. We Cannot Lose
13. A Feeling Like This ft. Maddie Ray
14. Sunset Vogue

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