Rawsrvnt releases a visual for his song “On The Line” with a burdened heart. The song features rapper Japhia Life.

“My life is literally unraveling in front of the public’s eyes. I don’t know exactly how to maneuver, share, or talk about it – but it hurts. And as raw and honest as I’ve always been both on and off the stage, it makes sense that people hear it directly from me,”  said Rawsrvnt.

The “it” is a yearlong separation from his wife and their two young girls. Although there were attempts made alongside church mentors and counselors, the couple ultimately could not reconcile their relationship and marital divorce proceedings are currently underway. Such events provide even more depth to the lyrics of his latest release. In it, Rawsrvnt’s words double as love letter to his children – especially in the midst of this disruption.

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