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nobigdyl. Explains indie tribe. Multiverse & Origins of Odd Punctuation

nobigdyl. recently chatted with about his latest album SOLAR. He gave us a detailed play-by-play of each track. However, he also provided a few less talked about details about himself and indie tribe. in between. This article will focus on those. Come back next Thursday for the breakdown.

One of the coolest nobigdyl. tidbits sound like a Marvel nerd out fan theory. Did you know that the indie tribe. projects exist within the same universe timeline?

“We have this idea of the indie tribe. universe,” shared nobigdyl. “There is stuff that exists on all of our projects. They are all in the same universe like Marvel.”

One such instance is: “I really like the people we’re becoming.”

That’s his wife Chelsea’s voice.

“She just said it in conversation while we were working on Canopy,” he revealed. “We had gone through a lot of stuff and struggles. It was a moment of clarity for her. I said ‘That has to go on the album’. It was an honest moment that I had to capture. So we put it on that one and it became a thing.”

He said for other indie tribe. people, it became a “thing of relation.” WHATUPRG put it on his album, and it still applied on SOLAR.

nobigdyl.’s voice is often heard on everyone’s project too with his signature, “tribe on the move.” He also revealed, RG’s little brother is the person who says “it’s indie tribeeee.” (on “enemies?” for example).

All this Marvel talk prompted the question of what characters each member of indie tribe. would be.

“[We] landed on Captain America for me because he’s a rule follower, straight-laced, and level-headed. They were trying to diss me low-key, but I kinda agree with them,” he said with a laugh. “I was trying to say RG was Loki, but only half agreed with me. So we settled on Iron Man. Mogli without a doubt is Dr. Strange, 100%. We couldn’t land on one for Jarry.”

nobigdyl. also took the time to explain his affinity for seemingly random fluctuations of lowercase, capitalization, and odd punctuations.

Let’s break this down real quick: nobigdyl. indie tribe. WHATUPRG, SOLAR (every song is lowercase and three have punctuation) “twenty eighteen.,” “psycho heart!,” and “enemies?”

“When I was falling in love with the idea of becoming an artist the band ‘fun.’ was everything to me. The album Some Nights was amazing. It’s the closest thing we have to Queen in the modern era. They were fun with a period, sometimes they were all lowercase or capital. I saw everyone always respected them in print,” he explained. “When I first started out people said, ‘Oh, we can’t do this. And I’d say, ‘Oh you can, you just don’t want to do it for me cause I’m not big enough’. That’s what happened with a Nashville Magazine. They used my government name. They just gave up. The more clout you get, the more people will bend the rules for you. Once Spotify did it, then all I would do was send the screenshot.”

(Before you ask, our system’s headline space doesn’t allow us to start any words in lowercase. Sorry tribe! We will, however, follow your wishes within the article.)

Lastly, dyl spoke about the slight “controversy” surrounding the song “enemies?”

nobigdyl. got a bunch of his Christian hip-hop friends to help him out with a social experiment. Some of the names included Jarry Manna, WHATUPRG, Mogli the Iceburg, Derek Minor, Canon, DJ Mykael V, and OnBeatMusic.

Each of the artists took to their Instagram Stories to express some bad thoughts toward dyl. The rapper got his character assassinated in the name of marketing, but then, it went too far.

“I’m not gonna lie, we were having fun with it but halfway through it I was like, ‘Man, I hope we can pull out of this’ Especially since OB and Mykael, they just were in character a little too well. OB was about to cry and it was heartfelt. He went from that part about me to talking about his grandmother in the hospital. It made it so real. Even not naïve people would be like, ‘This is true’. Mykael threw the tribe hat out. People were hitting him up, ‘I knew from day one that guy was a snake’. Like danggg,” said nobigdyl.

The original plan was to reveal the ruse on his own social networks, but too many people fell for it.

“I had to get everyone to be like, ‘Hey guys. This was a social experiment. We love Dylan’. I still have some people, like fans in other countries who hit me up on FB. ‘Hey man, what’s going on between you and Canon, did that get resolved’?”

Listen to nobigdyl. Below:

Be sure to check back with Rapzilla next Thursday when nobigdyl. does a complete play-by-play of SOLAR. Also, listen to the album here.

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