Nerva dropped his latest project, Kill Nerva, Pt. 1, featuring 8-tracks including single “Full Amor.” Kevmo did the production on the track.

He wrote this song from a really broken place. “It hurts when you’re falsely accused of something you didn’t do, or when your own turn on you. Moreover, dealing with rejection and shame can really tear a man down.”

Listen to and download Nerva below:

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Kill Nerva, Pt. 1 Track-listing:

  1. Dear Lord
  2. Full Armor
  3. You Are Beautiful ft. Richelle A. Charles
  4. Let GoFt. JustPierre
  5. ForeverFt. Joanna Lasala
  6. Butterfly
  7. Snakes
  8. I Repent

The rapper is a Christian, Hip-Hop artist and producer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2012, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and has decided to use his talents to glorify God. He is the owner of clothing brand @Gr8rlifestyle. His aim is to create music, but with a greater purpose – which is to lift up the name of Jesus.

Purchase or stream the album here.