Kyle Ringer has more hard-hitting rhymes for The best part, is you can nab it for free.

“‘Life’ transparently tells the story of the transformation process from darkness to light,” said Ringer.

On the first verse, Kyle delivers a message of pain, hurt, and envy because of all that he’s encountered up to this point in his adolescence. The entire time, he is talking to and about his own life.

On the chorus Eli sings reflects the fact that in the moment, as we are going through, we don’t realize who or what we are. A lot of times in moments of depression and spiritual weakness, we forget about all that is good in our lives and only focus on the negatives. Throughout the second verse, Kyle responds to what he knows listeners will get out of the song up to this point.

“The entire objective of the record is to remind the listeners that although we go through hardship and face opposition, we have to continue to fight and trust that God is with us,” he said. “This is your life and you have to live it.”

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