Jered Sanders mentioned his latest Hurry Up and Wait what seemed like eons ago. He first brought it up on the Wade-O Show and then again on the Survival of the Artist Podcast. Other than that, his long-awaited God Over Money debut has slowly become the stuff of legend. But finally, the day approaches.

Today is Jered’s birthday, and he decided to bless the patiently waiting fans with the album cover, release date, and preorder link.

“It works pretty good for promotional purposes when you give the album title and make people wait,” joked Sanders, on the podcast

He and his family were going through a trying period during this time. However, it birthed inspiration.

“It was a really tough time in my life,” he admitted. “I started working on it literally right after I came to GOM. A couple of months later I lost my job. That was a tough tough season. I think the thing that God had been trying to tell me the entire time was ‘Be ready’. But you gotta be ready to go all the time.”

Sanders said that too often people interpret God revealing himself to them as a “green light.” Most of the time it’s just a revelation, but you still need to wait on God’s timing. That’s where the title of “Hurry Up & Wait” comes from.

“When I was trying to fill the gap, everything got worse. The album is about God working on me,” he explained.

Jered Sanders

Jered Sanders Tracklist:

1. Prelude
2. All Year / Daddy Duties III
3. Go Outside ft. J. Carter
4. I’ll Wait ft. Kayla Starks
5. Different ft. Beleaf, Eris Ford & Mission
6. Eyes ft. Bizzle & Breana Marin
7. Long Way to Go
8. Fear of Flying
9. Fear of Falling ft. Phil J.
10. Rain on Me
11. Get Money
12. Strangers ft. Sean C. Johnson
13. Faithful ft. Joey Vantes
14. Hurry up & Wait / Mitchell & Blessed III ft. JG

Grab the preorder link here.