After returning from a decade-plus hiatus, The Incredibles returned to the big screen with a bang with the aptly titles Incredibles 2 last month. The sequel, which follows up directly after the events of its predecessor, has been getting rave reviews from all across the board in a time where superhero fatigue has seemingly started to wear down moviegoers across the globe.

With all the success the franchise has been having there have been whispers of a possible shared universe spin-off featuring the family of the coldest motha in the game: Frozone! The character, who is played by Samuel L. Jackson, has been playing back up to the Incredible gang for both the original and the sequel and fans all over are getting behind the idea of a film featuring the fantastic fudgesicle. Hopefully, all this love will defrost the hearts (and wallets) of those big wigs at Disney.

Could we see the day “The Iceman Cometh”? Only time will tell. Until then, check out the picture below and let your imagination run as wild as Jack Jack!