Namibian artist IMRSQD dropped his new single “PRIME.” He also had a lot to say about the message of the song.
“The past few months I started to get distracted by the potential for the music to ‘blow up. About 7 years ago I heard Andy Mineo on a Gospel countdown with Lecrae. The song was, ‘Background’ and I had it on repeat for 3 months straight. I was lost and confused. It amazed me to see two young men speaking so unashamedly about Jesus in their music. I was so inspired. I wanted a real authentic relationship with God. I wanted to do was make music for Christ too,” he shared.
“For the past few months, I became distracted by the desire for the music to succeed. I start comparing myself and coveting other people’s positions. The song is not only a reflection of my own heart but of the condition of the human heart in general.”
He continued, “It’s so easy to get distracted by the desire to succeed. It so easy to become envious of someone else’s success. I just want to make music for Christ’s glory. For the salvation of souls.”

Listen to IMRSQD Below: