Eric Heron and OnBeatMusic dropped another single from their upcoming joint project Duos. “Paul Newman” is the new track and Heron took the time to talk about it on Fast 5 Fridays.

1. What is the general message behind this song?
The song was inspired after watching a Paul Newman movie and coming up with the play on words about how we are new men like Paul, no Newman…haha.

2. How did you get inspired to create it?
That’s the general message of the song, we are new men, shout us out like who dem? And this is our lives and we’re still dope and can still make dope music.

3. Who produced the song and how’d the production come about?
OB produced the track and it’s one of the singles on our new project “Duos.”

4. Why should people listen to this song or your music in general?
Cuz it’s dope! Cuz if we pour our heart and souls into the music and you can tell, it contains content and quality

Listen to Eric Heron and OnBeatMusic Below:

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