Rapper Dillon Chase is what most artists would consider a veteran in Christian hip-hop, but honestly, he’s just getting started.

The Die Daily rapper made an appearance on the Survival of the Artist Podcast where he spoke at length about his career. He started in the early to mid-2000s and in 2006 dropped his debut. Early on, things were going well, as he collaborated with a young Lecrae and Reach Records.

He goes on to explain that he thought Reach would be his ticket to do music full-time. God had other plans.

It wouldn’t be until 2014 that Chase would be able to quit his banking job and support his family of six full-time doing music. At that time, it was only five. He jokes that every baby brings more streams.

Chase is also known for having his teenage son be his DJ, a job he started when he was 10. For Chase, the family dynamic is his driving force to keep going. He’s able to make a living while spreading the gospel.

He further dives into his testimony, expectations vs realities regarding finances, and shares some road stories – good and bad. He also dissects his successes and failures.

Overall, the emcee comes across as someone who is still learning and striving for excellence.

Listen to Dillon Chase and the rest of his story below: