Christian Hip-Hop’s Next Generation: 15 Artists 20 and Under

Christian Hip-Hop is a very exciting genre of music now. The top tier guys are reaching more spaces than ever before, the middle tier is creating some of the best music possible, and the up and comers are paving the way for the new trends and learning from everyone before them.

This following list of artists is different from our 2018 Freshmen list, but some of the faces are familiar. However, right now, we are specifically honing in on those creating quality music who are aged 20 and under…

Christian Hip-Hop’s Next Generation

Aye Jae 18

Aye Jae has a versatile skill on the mic that is uncommon for his age. He has the ability to effortlessly flow into rapid-fire rhymes. He also stays busy cranking out songs in the studio.

Aaron Cole 19

What’s there to say about Aaron Cole that hasn’t been said already? – charting on Billboard, signed to Gotee, and a few dope projects. He was pretty much a child prodigy of music. Talking about his age is like beating a dead horse, so just sit back enjoy his versatility as a rapper and singer.

Coop 16

Coop is relatively new among these names and doesn’t have much music out. However, you can see the potential and the ability is there. He is in the process of working on music with Dillon Chase and OnBeatMusic.

Ray Emanuel 13

Stop the presses, Ray Emanuel is just 13-years-old and his buzz is incredible. He hasn’t professionally recorded a song yet but has dropped verses on Instagram. His posts have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and have been shared by the likes of J. Cole and Dwayne Wade to name a few. Ray will also be on ABC’s “The View.” He has music coming, so be on the lookout.

Izayah Fisher 18

Let’s take a moment to appreciate one of the slickest butter smooth flows out there. Izayah Fisher only has a few songs out but his single “Save My Soul” was so good, it’s been holding us over until he drops a project.

J-Lil (Jordan Eubanks) 18

J-Lil is another bar spitter fresh out of high school. At the moment he only has a two-song EP out but we’re looking forward to everything he has coming on the way.

Kid Tris 20

Kid Tris is rapidly gaining numbers in followers and streams by the week. He has a powerful testimony that led him to where he is now. Tris is moving nicely in his own lane as a melodic trap rapper with a propensity for quality collabs – Joey Vantes and Ruslan being two of them.

Kode Red 20

Listening to Kode Red is a treat. He falls somewhere in the middle of bar heavy early 2000s hip-hop with a touch of what’s in now. You can speculate that his iTunes and Spotify playlists feature a lot of dope music. Another interesting note is his love for piano-driven beats.

Kyle Ringer 20

Kyle Ringer has the ability to hit every syllable perfectly in his raps. He already has a project under his belt this year and you can bet 2019 is going to be a level up.

Lael Turner 20

Lael Turner’s music is easy going and good to just vibe to. You can easily throw on any of his tracks and just sit back and feel good. That’s a great gift to have in music.

MvkeyyJ 17

MvkeyyJ is another trap artist but he mixes it up with some straight verses and sing-songy flows. He’s got a great start of music under his belt and is only set to improve as he gets older.

Rockstar Jt 20

Rockstar Jt is one of Rapzilla’s 2018 Freshmen. He was on our radar last year and is continuing to impress. Jt is in tune with the culture and has a knack for sharing hood tales and adding a twist of reconciliation in his faith. The dynamic makes for dope music.

Seni 20

Whether you know him as seni. or Smoovy, the result is an artist who makes dope music. He’s a triple threat of rapper, singer, and producer and is frequently collaborating with other young artists.

Shepherd 20

Shepherd has made some waves on Rapzilla this year with a consistent flurry of singles and music videos from his project The Intern. Shepherd’s hustle and drive are even better than the music he makes…which is pretty good on its own.

Zauntee 19

Last but not least is another Rapzilla Freshmen, Zauntee. The young rapper caught fire when he released his debut song and music video “God Taught Me” last year. Well don’t look now, but that video has nearly 3 million plays! Since then he’s done a tour with Datin and has been courted by various labels. Time will tell what happens next.

So which of these young artists have you heard before? Who are your favorites? Who are we missing?

Justin Sarachik
Justin Sarachik
Justin is the Editor-in-Chief of He has been a journalist for over a decade and has written or edited for Relevant, Christian Post, BREATHEcast, CCM, Broken Records Magazine, & more. He also likes to work with indie artists to develop their brands & marketing strategies. Catch him interviewing artists on Survival of the Artist Podcast.

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