2018 has seen some crazy Christian hip-hop releases. With all the awesome music that is coming out, it can be easy to miss a few of the lower publicity releases. So without further ado, here are five lowkey releases that you might have missed this year.

1. Any Last Words by Shenanigans (Kevi Morse and Torey D’Shaun)


  1. You Won’t See It Coming ft. Brett Love
  2. What You See
  3. The Vault
  4. Issa Vibe
  5. Awkward
  6. Keep Your Head Up

This coop EP by Kevi and Torey D’Shaun shows these two artists are living for Jesus and they will pursue who God wants them to be. Notable tracks on the EP include “Issa Vibe” and “The Vault.”

Listen on our Soundcloud Below:

2. Zaphenath-Paneah (Joseph’s Promise) by Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music

Hyper Fenton Moflo Music


  1. Meditation
  2. Started
  3. Meet Me
  4. Night Vibe
  5. He’s Coming ft. Jon Keith

Yet another team up from Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music. These two keep their diverse sound in this EP. Zaphenath-Paneah (Joseph’s Promise) is a modern interpretation of the righteous behavior of Joseph when he was accepted into the Egyptian court. “Meditation” and “He’s Coming” features Jon Keith to begin and end the EP well.

Listen to Hyper Fenton and MOFLO Music Below:

3. The Unfolding by Timothy Brindle


  1. Unfolding Intro
  2. Death & Resurrection Pt.1 – Luke 24
  3. New Creation Offspring
  4. Headcrusher
  5. Image of God (Who We Are?)
  6. Kingdom of God
  7. The Wilderness ft. Ian Buchanan, Zae the Blacksmith, and Ben Wilson
  8. Eschatological Prophet
  9. Death & Resurrection Pt.2 – Circumcision
  10. Death & Resurrection Pt.3 – Water-Judgement
  11. Glory-Fire
  12. The Temple
  13. Priest-Judge
  14. Abraham & the Gospel by Ian Buchanan ft. Camden Bucey Of Reformed Forum

After developing this project for 6 years, Brindle shows what he has learned from biblical seminar. The album reveals how the Old Testament is a full story of the coming and redemption story of Jesus. Uniquely, Brindle also wrote a book, with the intention of the reader to listen to a song, then read the corresponding chapter. “Headcrusher” and “Water Judgment” standout from the rest of the tracks.

Listen to Timothy Brindle Below:

4. In the Wake of O by Ozay Moore

Ozay Moore


  1. Thumb Drive ft. Young Heat
  2. Good ft. Stro Elliot
  3. Where You At ft. James Gardin, Jahshua Smith, Tall Black Guy
  4. Slow Motion with Mosley ft. Tall Black Guy
  5. WSTCST ft. Tony Ozier, Teeko, Tall Black Guy
  6. Crowd React by Lightheaded ft. Lightheaded, Ohmega Watts, Braille, Stro Elliot
  7. Abracadabra ft. Cataphant, Ohmega Watts
  8. Wow… ft. Propaganda, Daniel Steele
  9. Low Tide
  10. L.T.D. ft. Sareem Poems, Freddie Joachim, Aso
  11. Transparent See ft. Ricky Valenz, Ess Be

This Christian Hip-Hop veteran returns with a bunch of his fellow artists with his 11-track album. In the Wake of O is an introspective album, focusing on Ozay’s past experiences and lessons learned. Definitely listen to “Crowd React by Lightheaded” featuring Lightheaded, Ohmega Watts, Braille, Stro Elliot; “WSTCST featuring Tony Ozier & Treeko)” and “Good” featuring Stro Elliot.

Listen to Ozay Moore Below:

5. Dusk Till Dawn by Daniel AMP

Daniel AMP


  1. Dawn Breaks
  2. Light It Up ft. Steven Malcolm & Loso
  3. Good Enough ft. Tone Jonez
  4. As I Am
  5. Dawn’s Early Light
  6. Be Me
  7. City Lights ft. Selah the Corner, Dre Murray & Angie Rose
  8. My America feat. Phil J
  9. Can’t Stop Us
  10. Dusk Till Dusk ft. Christon Gray & Tia Hollis
  11. Trendsetter
  12. Pave The Way ft. Natik

Daniel AMP came strong into 2018 with the release of Dusk Till Dawn. This solid album portrays how the world (including himself) is dark, filled with sin and hopelessly lost. With Jesus’ death and resurrection, however, we have a new light in our life. “Can’t Stop Us” and “Light It Up” featuring Steven Malcolm & Loso are a couple of the stronger tracks.

Watch Daniel AMP Below:

There you have it! 5 lowkey releases you might have missed this year. Which ones did you enjoy the most?

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