If you haven’t noticed, Surf Gvng has been particularly quiet the last month or so. Geek sent Rapzilla.com an email to fill us in on what’s going on:

From Surf Gvng:

“Today I announce I’m no longer in the duo many know as Surf Gvng. We had the best of times, great experiences, got to travel the nation doing what we love and built some amazing relationships along the way but it’s time for me to make an exit from CHH.

Seeing something you’ve put so much time, effort, and energy into coming to an end is usually is a horrible feeling for most but knowing everything works together for my greater good has me excited to move forward into my future endeavors.

One thing I will miss is the impact we’ve had on many lives that related to Surf Gvng as a group and individuals. I’m also amazed to see two dudes with no money or backing were able to create a loyal family which I’m forever thankful for the support of the Gvng.

I have to admit that coming into music, I always knew that I belonged on the executive side of things. Management and Marketing is where my passion truly lies but coming from the mainstream side of things to CHH, who wants to listen to the ‘New Guy’?

I tried to work with a few artists in South Florida but everyone had their own ideas, which made me take Wolf’s idea to do music together into consideration.

I saw it as the perfect opportunity to show other artists what I was capable of in terms of marketing. Some of you may know prior to changing my lifestyle I did promotions for DJ Khaled, Rick Ross’ Teflon Don album campaign, Poe Boy Music Group (the label Flo-Rida is signed to), and many other indie artists in Miami.

More and more I felt I was running away from my true passion because the music we created went a lot further than even I initially expected. I feel now is the best time to stop running and listen to my true self, so I decided to create an Ad Agency called ‘Berrie Social’ to help other creatives and businesses with a budget, reach their highest potential…While still being able to consult others with a smaller budget by giving a little guidance on their next steps towards a growing career.

Overall, I’m excited to see my brother Wolf move forward in pursuing his goals as an artist and reach for new heights in the CHH Community. I’m beyond thankful for every listener, supporter, and member of the GVNG. You all made Surf Gvng possible from the beginning. To every Pastor, Promoter, Artist, Blog site, DJ, Manager, Radio station, Executive, Producer, Publicist, and Investor that keeps CHH going I appreciate you and salute your labor and efforts to push Christ through urban music to the masses, even though I’m on a new journey.

Love Geek now known as @TheeYoungExec 

Surf Gvng Lives forever through our music and the hearts of the fans but who knows maybe the new stuff that hasn’t been released yet just may surface soon as a goodbye gift.

Love ya’ll #GvngGang” 

We at Rapzilla wish Surf Gvng, Wolf, and Geek all the best in their future endeavors. We’re excited to see what they do next. They were among our choices for 2017’s Rapzilla Freshmen.