Stephen the Levite, recently dropped new single, “Herbs & Spices.” This is his first single release since his last full-length album in 2014, Can I Be Honest.

“Herbs & Spices” was produced by Illect Recordings artist, J. Rhodan.

“A lot of CHH is solution focused by nature. We don’t like talking about the problem without the solution. Similarly, we don’t always talk about our struggles without having come out on the other side,” said Stephen. “It’s easier to be transparent from a victorious perspective. I finished this a while ago, but I sat on it partly to plan properly, but also with the hope that I’d have a job by the time I dropped it. But this IS work. And I still need to be faithful to it, whether it pays enough on its own or not. It was an internal wrestle, but one I have to get over if I desire humility.”

Listen to Stephen the Levite below:

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