After three years of writing, developing, and preparing new music, Sareem Poems and Ess Be are back with Mind Over Matter. Releasing via Illect Recordings, this album is their second full length project.The duo has set out to celebrate the beauty of humanity, while also questioning the systems of inequity that have kept certain people in power for centuries.

Sareem Poems Ess Be

Sareem Poems and Ess Be Tracklist:

1. Simply Truthfully
2. Maze
3. Way Up There (ft. Sean C Johnson)
4. Shallow (ft. Finale)
5. Dance For The Dead
6. The Way It Goes (feat. Al Singleton)
7. Eyedentity
8. I See You
9. What’s Wrong (ft. Dre Murray & Adan Bean)
10. I’m Alright
11. Until We Meet Again

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