A week before his album Solar drops, nobigdyl. released a trailer on what Solar is all about.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet; past experiences and actions they do not want people to see. That closet, however, is accessible to those who have your trust. Eventually, those you trust will find and try to open the closet. A choice must then be made: to let them examine those skeletons as you explain yourself, or to shut the closet and push them away.

Thankfully, others have gone through the same things as you have either permitted the open closet or slammed it shut. They know seeking advice is the best way to handle those situations, and they gladly share their experiences with that in mind. Allowing those people to help you figure out what to do with your skeletons gives you peace. It gives the sense that you are making the right decision and takes away your fear of opening the closet.

Opening the closet may seem awkward and scary. If you are used to keeping everyone away from your closet, letting someone open it seems insane. Plus, if you did show the skeletons, would that person accept them or bash you for them?

nobigdyl. has learned that skeletons need dealing with. It is worth showing them in order to grow relationships and yourself.

Watch nobigdyl. Below:

nobigdyl also revealed that Solar is part of a larger saga he is building. His previous album (Canopy) is the first installment.

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