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Loso Makes Surprise URL Debut at NOME 8 Against Scotty

Loso Makes Surprise URL Debut at NOME 8 Against Scotty

They call it Night of Main Events for a reason! After months of debate and speculation on whether or not Loso would ever appear on the stage that SMACK built, the Horseman was announced to battle on one of the biggest cards of the summer. The matchup, which was broadcasted as a free battle on YouTube, took place against the hometown hero Scotty in Houston, TX as a Proving Ground battle.

For months, the battle rap community had argued about whether or not Loso’s high profile performance record and undefeated streak carried enough weight to bypass the PG’s. That serves as a danger room for up and coming emcees. Many stated that Loso may not be able to handle the pressure of being on the big stage. Well after Saturday night, the former HGA affiliate silenced all the naysayers.

Loso did not come to play in that building. He set the tone for the rest of the night, putting everybody on notice with quotable after quotable. His opponent held his own for the first. He had a charisma and confidence that made his simple bars land harder than they would have with most but was overwhelmed every round.

Loso got the easy 3-0. So who’s the next plate on SMDDDDDAAACK? Whether it’s Nu Jerzey Twork, Chef Trez, or Nu Nu Nailz hairdresser, it’s guaranteed to be one to watch. Hopefully, we can get a Loso/Th3 Saga team up versus NWX on a Double Impact in the near future.

Only one question remains unanswered. With Th3 Saga, Street Hymns, and now Loso making their URL debuts, when will A. Ward officially touchdown on a URL Stage? And no, NOME 8 doesn’t count!

Watch Loso Below (battle begins at the 1:08:00 mark *Language*):


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