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This song speaks on how the devil wants and keeps trying to bring Tris back to his old ways. So he uses the term known as “Apokaradokia” to describe how much hope in God and trust he has in him no matter what battle.

The word “Apokaradokia” originated from Paul to describe his Hope in God during his time in prison.

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They want me back
The boofie pack
I don’t condone it
And I meant it
When I said it
Yea I know it
Not the same kid
From the x
Just Change the motive
In God
Just know it
Don’t need a shooter
Or ah forty
Only courage
If they want me back they hit the forty floor it
Only courage only courage only courage
I’ll floor it floor it floor it floor it floor it

Verse 1:

They wish me bad
I promise you
I will not fold
God up in my heart
My life and in my soul
And if you trying to test me
Man you gotta go
Cause ima do it for his glory all alone
Watch me do my dance
Off the wall like vans
Used to do them xanz
Gotta stay true cause he changed all of my cants
He gave me light when I couldn’t see Han
I can not fold stay true to the plan
Gold be my soul got rich an advanced

Verse 2:

I’m like
I can’t never lose
Cause I know the truth
God up in my soul
Never feeling low
What you reap
you sow
The bad it gotta go
Woah woah woah
Living/ Living
Living 1WAY
Never feel ashamed
Mama told me told me told me pray
I Had to change up all my ways