2018 Rapzilla Freshmen Kevi Morse released a short film called “Barnabas.” The film is the same name of his album and features the songs “Black Wall Street” and “What Chu Need.”

“The idea for the Barnabas (Short Film) came to mind when I thought about how much we battle with life and its trials but don’t understand that we’re stronger than them,” Kevi shared. “In the opening scene, you see a figure who happens to be stronger than me burst in and try to captivate my mind. I waited and overcame this challenge once I realized I was more powerful. That thing could be stress, maybe depression, or something else holding you back from realizing your purpose and destiny.”

He continued, “Black Wall Street” was inspired by a street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “What Chu Need” is about acknowledging that I have what people need and that’s the creator – God. I put the two songs together to close the chapter of my album.”

OrangeCap (Andy Miller) shot, edited and directed the film.

Watch Kevi Morse Below:

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