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J. Crum – Falling Skies

Omaha hip-hop artist and Streetlight Sounds founder, J. Crum has just released his brand new single Falling Skies. The song is now available on everywhere online music can be streamed or purchased. Falling Skies will also be featured on J. Crum’s upcoming project entitled “Villains”.
Crum worked closely with 2017 Rapzilla Freshman FVMELESS and Anthony Flakus (frontman of the electronic/pop/rock band “Skyloft”) on the production of this song. Falling Skies is a genre bending anthem uniting both Hip-hop and rock fans alike. The message of Falling Skies is simple, no matter what life brings it can never hold us down.
Crum states, “I wrote Falling Skies during a time of my life where it felt like everything around me was crumbling. I was having issues at my job, issues with my marriage, issues with my friendship, and I even struggled in my faith at times. I realized tho that this life is going to come with is share of hardships but you don’t have to allow those things to destroy you. The strength of the Lord transcends the waves of circumstance.”

Listen to J. Crum below:

Purchase the single here.

I ain’t got no fear for no man my haters pro  stans 
dap me up while  at my programs taxed by the doorman
skills twice as good as most man I’m ya favorite Post man
special deliveries with both hands that’ll ruin your plans 
they told me  Im never gonna reach these goals
u talk a big game lil buddy don’t choke 
aiming too high man just play your role 
life’s too low for me reach these hopes
already know how these things go
stay up in my lane paint these van goes
theres peace in pain that’s the thing i chose
no defeat for the g cuz the king he rose
I be that handsome whipper snapper that be rapping on the regular
nappy hair having causing havoc for competitors
black and educated eloquent in my vernacular
wifey way too bad had to curtain call the bachelor
in the past I been a bastard now I walk as an ambassador
dark skinned fred Astaire steady sliding down banister
felt a couple shots but boy you need a bigger caliber
the kid is built tough won’t catch me dodging any challengers
chorus: nowhere to run under these falling skies
but still i rise still I rise
storms of life will make you slip and slide
but still I climb still I climb
ain’t nothing you can do to hold us down
ain’t nothing you can do to hold us down
verse 2: you don’t wanna see what happens in my cerebellum
you just want some entertainment at ya kid reception
you really just want that fried chicken and watermelon
throw gang signs out the window while riding around with felons
ya motives hellish why you embellish for currency currently cousins dying I’m encouraging some urgency
white shirt converted burgundy 
my heart is burdened determined to show you purpose b look past the surface b
don’t mind the third degree reverse the curse fore it’s curtains
before the symptoms worsen search for life within his verses 
promise certain watch him change ya heart just like he was a surgeon 
these suburban rappers have ya broken body whippin hearses
sick of these trash can rappers asking where my blue check
busy grinding for a real one you verified on some food stamps
plus the hands is too fast who got ya boys too gassed
my 16s outlast ya deuce deuce my legacy too vast


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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