Facebook announced some new features this week that will help users engage with the music they listen to.

Teaming with many major labels, and a few indies, Facebook will now allow users to use most music in live streams. They will also be able to have lipsync battles with their friends using those songs.

Sharing Videos With Music On Facebook

I have been involved with Church Communications for over five years. Social sharing has evolved to the point where a church can broadcast their services live to folks who can’t make it on Sundays. The problem is that if the worship team plays music not covered under a broadcast license, their video might be muted. Now, if covered under the deals set up by the labels and Zuck’s crew, the videos will remain and worship teams will get to expand their reach.

Now artists and DJs that play music to hype a crowd before a set can theoretically stream the whole thing. First dances at weddings can now be live streamed. Even your Summer pool party can be broadcast to the world without turning off the music.

Lip Sync Live

The second feature rolled out is Lip Sync Live. This feature will allow users to pick a song and lip sync to it live via streaming on Facebook Live. If you’ve ever used the app Musical.ly, then you have an idea what this is.

When a user uploads their lip sync, Facebook will automatically check it against their library. If it’s cleared, it’ll post. If it isn’t, they’ll notify the user, and the video will be muted. The user can then submit a dispute with the copyright holder to get it unmuted.

For an artist trying to promote a single, this is gold. Imagine a whole group of fans trying to outdo one another in a lip sync battle with that new song.

FB Live Lip Sync

Here’s what Facebook says about the feature

To try it out, choose the Lip Sync Live option when starting your Live video. After selecting a song from the song list, you can also add a description and customize your video with masks or a background.

When broadcasting with Lip Sync Live, friends will see the artist and song highlighted on the video and can tap to follow the artist on Facebook.

These features are rolling out now to users.