2018 Rapzilla Freshmen Dru Bex was a guest on the Survival of the Artist Podcast. Among nearly 45 minutes of conversation, he spoke at length about his departure from Role Model Records as well as now being indie. Bex also touched on his new record In God’s Good Time and the differences between being an artist in Canada and in the U.S.

On Leaving Role Model Records:

“I’m grateful for the label and all that they’ve done. It was time for me to try this independent thing. I’m just as curious as to what it’s going to look like. There have been other options on the table that we were exploring.” 

Bex said one of the key changes is concerning money. He said he’s already working on new music and trying to figure out how it’s going to work – mixing, mastering, recording.

At the moment, he isn’t full time in music. His day job is at a group home for people with special needs. In the past, he had gone part-time to focus more on music but it just did not happen. “The problem was time management,” he admitted.

So why now?

“I have an amazing management team. Everything came together at the right time.” 

Canada/Toronto Music Scene:

“Toronto has the nickname of the ‘screwface capital’ because if they don’t know you or you aren’t killing it, they look at you with a screwed up face. Drake and OVO are helping to change that culture though. 

He said in the past you didn’t get respect back home until you made it in the states.

“We simply don’t have the numbers that the states have.”

However, leaving Canada for the states is not really a goal of his. ” [I] Rather be an ambassador for Toronto.”

Bex said he’d stay in Canada if the opportunity or level of success in the U.S. is equal to what he can do at home.

Listen to Dru Bex on the podcast below: