DJ Mykael V was the latest guest on the Survival of the Artist Podcast. The DJ revealed his come up in music and his thoughts on DJs move the culture. The episode also featured a few other nuggets as well.

One of the most important topics of the podcast was Mykael explaining the DJ’s responsibility in breaking artists to the culture. The DJ sets the mood and helps people get exposed to new music. Mykael has a passion for doing this and even works to give pointers to people coming up. One of the ways he does that is by going live on Rapzilla’s Instagram.

Mykael also spoke at length about the roles and differences between DJs and Producers. He doesn’t rap or produce, however, he takes executive producer credit when he puts artists together and works with a producer to get a sound.

One thing that Mykael can do is sing. He’s “lowkey” about it and said sometimes “I lead worship” at his church. He doesn’t really put it out there because he doesn’t want to do features or hooks. It seems that he’s making a special exception for a single he’s putting out this summer.

“I’m actually going to be dropping a single with nobigdyl. and WHATUPRG this summer,” he said. “I am on the hook. It’s pretty. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.”

Listen to DJ Mykael V Below: