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Artists to Know with Under 500 Followers on Spotify gets a ton of music submissions throughout the week, so we thought it’d be cool to introduce you to some of them. These artists consistently submit quality music and deserve more love on Spotify.

The following list is of rappers that have less than 500 followers or 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

David Prxnce

13 Followers (80 Monthly Listeners)

David Prxnce is one of the newer artists on this list. He recently released his album Encourage Vol. 1 for a Rapzilla Listening Session.

YP aka Young Paul

70 followers (Monthly Listeners 383)

YP aka Young Paul has been grinding it out for a few years. You may know him for his collaboration project Love Over Hate with Merk Montes.

King Chav

74 Followers (1,500 Monthly Listeners)

King Chav is a rapper who keeps getting better with every release. His latest, “Born Ready,” is a must listen for sure.

Hector Dominguez

79 Followers (755 Monthly Listeners)

Hector Dominguez has been holding it down for Latinos as he seamlessly mixes hip-hop with Spanish music. His latest song, “La Cultura” is a perfect example of just that.

Joe Ayinde

83 followers (Monthly Listeners 301)

Joe Ayinde is one of the rawest spitters on this list. He was also named a Rapzilla Freshmen for 2018.

Genaro Ortiz

102 followers (133 Monthly Listeners)

Genaro Ortiz has that authentic hip-hop sound in everything he does. You can catch him teaming up with YP and rhyming “Circles” around other emcees.

Xay Hill

204 Followers (8,500 Monthly Listeners)

Xay Hill is Mr. Consistency. Perhaps no one on this list creates as much new music as this guy. Hill is focused on winning and takes “No L’s.”


283 Followers (7,500 Monthly Listeners)

J-Phish is pretty prolific as well. He’s racked up tracks with the likes of Shope, Illijam, Xay Hill, Montell Fish, Joey Vantes, and more. “Can’t Stay the Same” is his latest song available for free download.

Victor Cornelius

379 Followers (6,000 Monthly Listeners)

Victor Cornelius has himself quite a good resume too. He’s worked with everyone from DJ Mykael V to Surf Gvng. He dropped his free EP Reptar on Rapzilla last year and just dropped a track with Eshon Burgundy – “Faith.”

Cellus Hamilton

405 followers (2,000 Monthly Listeners)

Cellus Hamilton is all about quality. His visuals are strong and his music is stronger. Nowhere is this more evident than in his track “Seeds in the Ground.”

Artists, be sure to figure out what your FtS ratio is on Spotify using the Artist App.

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