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Android Messages Is Finally Coming To Desktop

Today, Google published a blog post stating that they’re rolling out an update for Android Messages that will finally let folks respond to texts via desktop.

The Hallelujah Moment

For Android users, this is a big deal.

Google is finally making a push toward chat rather than SMS.

Currently, RCS (Rich Communication Services) dominate the way that we connect online. Facebook Messenger, What’s App, iMessage, and more got the party started, and SMS is not invited. Google has been trying to find ways to get involved but to no avail. If the failed app Allo is any indication, the most vital part of the adoption process for Google will be the desktop app which was launched today.

iPhone users have had this feature for years in iMessage, and its one of the only places I’ve felt Android has lagged behind iOS. I use a workaround at the moment in the form of an app called Pushbullet. While it does a great job, it’s not free, and I am excited to stop paying for it.

How It Works

Head over to the Android Messages page and link your phone up to your computer. Once the link is established, a user will be able to use their PC to text without touching their phone.

Open up Messages on your device, tap the options menu, and select “Messages for the web.” Scan the code, and you’re all set.

Bells And Whistles

Along with the announcement of the app, Google revealed some features that are coming with it. Included with the web app will be a .GIF search, Smart Replies for English speaking folks, and in-line link previews.

The other dope feature coming lets a user copy a verification code directly from the dialogue box. So, if you were to get a text from your bank with a unique two-factor authentification code, for example, you’ll be able to copy and paste it with two presses.

I Want It Now

Google says that this update is rolling out this week to the Messenger app on phones and I can’t wait.

I work in front of a computer all day and Messages on the web will tackle one of the most significant obstacles to answering my text messages.

Well, iPhone users what are you waiting for? Grab an Android phone now.


Written by Bill Segroves

My words are not unique but I still try to make stuff in the name of Jesus, borocitychurch, rapzilla, & podstudioone

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