It’s feeling like Christmas in June! The impossible has happened once again as A. Ward vs Loso happened. They clashed pens in a dream match that’s been on everyone’s wishlist since these hit the scene.

A. Ward vs Loso

The battle, which took place this past March at the Takeover Youth Conference in San Bernadino, saw each emcee do what the do best. They rocked the room with bar after bar after bar.

The great thing about this battle though was that it wasn’t for any of the major league’s the two have been affiliated with. They could have easily made this call on KOTD, RBE, Bullpen, or even URL for Summer Madness and would have been at the top of the card. Instead, these two pulled out all the stops and used the platform to bring about a powerful message all those in attendance and to all those who may watch in the future.

So who won the battle? Jesus, DUH!

Watch A. Ward vs Loso Below: