What’s up Rapzilla readers and listeners? Every week 100’s of songs are submitted and dropped and we are tasked with narrowing those down to songs we think you’d like to hear.

Last week featured a lot of gems, and we decided to narrow it down to what we feel is the best five. So without further adieu, check these out, and let us know which is your favorite.

5 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week

Jeaux Mayo – Never Will

If you want to listen to an emcee murder a beat and master a flow, this song is for you. Be sure to download it off of our Soundcloud, it’s the only place you can get it! Also, Jeaux Mayo is definitely someone who’s got next.

Davis Absolute – Mybrotha

Davis Absolute is Mr. Consistency. His new foray into lo-fi music sees him creating this landscape that has a bit of everything for everyone. This song feels Black Star boombap-ish with modern sensibilities.

Purchase the single here.

Corey Wise – The Cure ft. Eric Heron and Dillon Chase

Corey Wise, Eric Heron, and Dillon Chase all paired perfectly together on this track. This laid-back beat touches on heavy subject matter. Each rapper focuses on something a little different and brings it back to how they recovered.

Purchase or stream here.

William Matthews – Only 1 ft. Propaganda

This song sounds huuuuuge! William Matthews lays down a magnificent chorus and verses. The beat is ethereal and heavenly. You can feel the emotion in his voice and then BAM! – Here comes a verse from Propaganda.

Purchase or stream here.

Reggie Rocc – Destination music video

If you haven’t heard of Reggie Rocc, you need to watch this music video now. His latest release, Project Love Letter charted in the top 15 on the Christian/Gospel charts. If he keeps dropping quality like this, it won’t be the last time.

Purchase or stream here.

So which of these tracks is your favorite? Is there anyone you’ve heard for the first time? Let us know!