YourWelcome Shon f.k.a. Kishon’ Furlow released a single and music video for his song “Yes I Am.” However, if you look closely, you’ll notice something else too.

If you go to Shon’s Spotify page, you’ll see the one song. Once you open the song up, it reveals YourWelcome’s publishing. It says, “2018, Curb Records, Inc.” The rapper has not announced a deal yet, but you’d have to imagine it’s coming soon.

Curb Records bought Word records from Warner two years ago. Word is the parent label to IV Against V. So it’s possible he can be on both Curb and IVAV, one for distribution and one for the label.

Regardless, Shon has a new name and seemingly a new team behind him in 2018. The music video for “Yes I Am” features a lot of special effects and looks great. He’s definitely taking a level up for this summer.

The song was produced by frequent collaborator Kevmo. The producer also hinted at a full project by the two of them on Twitter. “ AND I MAY HAVE A FULL PROJECT,” he tweeted.

Shon didn’t initially intend to drop the video today. He was promoting the song and said he’d drop the video sometime next week. After he received a lot of good feedback, he “changed” his mind.

Derek Minor even gave him the co-sign, tweeting out – “One of my favorite new artists right now. This is just the beginning.”

Watch YourWelcome Shon below:

Purchase or stream “Yes I Am” here.

Stay tuned for further information about YourWelcome.