It’s no secret that professional wrestler AJ Styles loves Christian hip-hop. Way before he was retaining his heavyweight title on April 8th, “The Phenomenal One” was bumping CHH in 97. That’s when his wife gave him a tape by DJ Dove. Since then, he has taken the music with him wherever he goes.

“My community’s in my Christian rap music,” Styles told RELEVANT Magazine. “Church doesn’t have to be a place. When you’re around other Christians, you can get excited about Jesus together, therefore you worship as a church together. We can be anywhere at church. I can worship in my car listening to Lecrae. It doesn’t matter.”

His tastes in the genre vary, from the 90’s Grapetree record label artists to current artists like Lecrae, Tedashii, and Trip Lee.

Styles has even been able to incorporate Christian hip-hop into his wrestling career. His former walk up song, “Ready to Fly,” is by GRITS.

“I remember listening to GRITS and then I met them at Universal Studios and they were able to do my music,” said Styles. “I became good friends with these guys, we still keep in touch this very day.”

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AJ Styles Christian Hip-Hop Playlist

Lecrae – “If I Die Tonight”
R-Swift – “Awesome God”
DC Talk – “Jesus Freak”
Kareem Manuel – “Intersection”
Lecrae – “I’m Turnt”
KB – “I Believe”
Trip Lee – “I’m Good”
Swoope – “The Beautiful Rise”
KRS-One – “Tell the Devil”
Tedashii – “I’m a Believer”

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