Earlier this week WHATUPRG released news about his upcoming album Pleasant Hill. Today he made the preorder available and dropped a music video for “Wesside.” Grab the preorder here.

RG looks like he had fun with this one. He switches between himself and who he has dubbed (on Instagram) “Lil Holy.”

Watch WHATUPRG below:


1. Yellowpaint
2. Lil Holy
3. Rose Gold
4. Wesside
5. Role Models
6. Exit 104
7. Lovely

Additional credits below:

Let me tell you a story bout grace – Pleasant Hill 5/25 (Swipe for creds/tracklist)

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The 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen posted an image of his record title to Instagram last week. A stapled together piece of paper read Pleasant Hill EP. Underneath that reads “Run Time 21:52.” RG’s caption reads, “Soon.” The soon has been taken care of.

His Reach Records signing was announced subtly. RG’s song “Glow” had the logo of Reach hidden in the artwork.

I believe in Jesus, I believe in me. Momma told me nothing’s ever out of reach.

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