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Th3 Saga on Returning to URL Battles; Reveals New Album (Interview)

Th3 Saga on Returning to URL Battles; Reveals New Album (Interview)

Th3 beard is back! After spending much of 2017 on the battle rap bench, Th3 Saga will be making his triumphant return to the URL stage. On June 2 he will be part of the upcoming Survivor Series DMV 2 event. The Horsemen affiliate will be jumping back in the ring to match pens with the Saint Louis heavy hitter B Magic. Rapzilla reached out to the Queens emcee to chop it about his upcoming battle and find out what else he’s been up to.

Th3 Saga

Rapzilla: Last time we saw you on a URL stage you were casting out Tink Da Demon. How does it feel to be back?

Th3 Saga: It feels great to be back on URL. It’s been a while. It’s been a little over a year and a lot has happened over that year. I’m just happy to be back. I think I have a lot to share with the culture… All in all, I’m excited to be back.

RZ: Your opponent B Magic at a time had one of the top pens in the game. What kind of statement do you want to make with this battle?

TS: At this point, I’m excited to be battling B Magic at Survivor Series. B Magic is one of the best punchers to ever do it. I think for me it’s about showing people that I still got it. It wasn’t like I ever lost it, but when you’re away from the public eye for so long, they wonder if you still got what it takes. I don’t care if the crowd has me losing. I don’t care if they don’t rock with me. The bigger statement is showing what I got and put on a great performance. Doing what I got to do, that’s the bigger statement. Magic is nothing more, in this particular situation than a punching bag for me to show what I can do again. That’s what I’m coming to do.

RZ: Why do you believe it took you so long to return to the only stage that matters? Would you battle on RBE or Bullpen?

TS: Why do I believe it took so long to return to the “only stage that matters?” I’ll keep those opinions to myself, but I’ll let ppl have their imagination take them wherever it wants to take them. I definitely have my own thing on that that I’ll keep to myself… As far as battling on RBE or Bullpen? If the situation is right, I definitely would. You know Bullpen is run by Jon Jon Da Don, he’s Proving Ground alumni. Like, that’s the homie so I feel that wouldn’t be something I’m opposed to. And ARP (head of Rare Breed Ent.) has always shown mad love at his events. I feel like it would be dope to venture out and see what I can do.

RZ: You were once apart of NWX, one the most hated on crews in battle rap. Now you’re part of the Four Horsemen, a group with arguably the best pens in the game today. What has been the biggest change for you?

TS: One of the biggest changes for me was leaving NWX. In some ways it was good, in some ways it was bad. With leaving NWX, you had a bunch of people who were down and supported and really back the Four Horsemen idea before it was properly announced. But also with that, people that were in NWX were trying to discredit what I do with lies, and with them being bigger names within the culture, and with their names carrying more weight, people believed them. It kind of made me see whose really on your side and how people treat you when you can no longer do something for them and choose to do things for yourself. It taught me a lot.

RZ: I see you’re always in the lab cooking up the hits. “Man Down” was a crazy record. “More Than This” was a dope track as well. Will we be getting an actual project from you in the near future? When will we get a posse track featuring all of the Horsemen?

Watch Th3 Saga Below:

TS: Man, I’m excited. “Man Down” has been doing fairly well. We’re at a little over 40,000 plays with that one. “More Than This” has been doing really well with Bizzle. Shouts to the big homie Bizzle for jumping on that record. You will be getting a full project from me. I’m getting ready to release a new project called A.O.L and its an acronym for As Of Late. It’s going to take y’all through my journey, the ups and downs, my current status, my relationships, God, battle rap and how I’ve been dealing with this newfound fame. And don’t forget me and the Horsemen are going to be dropping some really dope content soon, whether it be merch or cyphers or features or songs! So be on the lookout because we got some stuff along the way.

RZ: Word is that you’re helping spearhead the up and coming Overflow Rap League. Can you tell us about the league? What makes this league different from the others? Are you guys looking for battlers?

Overflow Legaue Below:

TS: With Overflow Rap League I’m not really spearheading the league. It’s dope to see, as the pioneer or OG in a sense. It’s dope to see how things trickle down into other ways that God can implement Christians in battle rap. I think that’s dope. That’s all Voice The Poet and Lee Majors’ league. They definitely have my respect in regard to how they are putting that together. I think what makes it different is that they’re approaching it in a Christian aspect, but they are still bringing the bars while keeping the competitive nature. And I believe that they are looking for battlers, so if you are a believer and you want to get into battling, Overflow may be for you.

RZ: What’s next for Th3 Saga?

TS: What’s next for Th3 Saga? The List. I have a thing called the list and it will help me pinpoint who I want to battle and who I feel would be great opponents to get in the ring and smack around on SMACK. That’s going to be really dope. You’re going to see a lot of promotion for that. It’s a totally new rebranding of Th3 saga and you’re going to see that when I battle B-Magic on the 22nd. Just doing music, working on a tour, doing some great things, some great features with some friends of mine. Who knows, maybe a “Man Down Remix” down the line. All I can say is that there’s a lot going on and I’m excited.


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