Taelor Gray did not waste any time dropping his The Love Don’t Last Long album. The announcement was made on the 3rd. The cover and tracklist appeared on the 8th, and now the album today.

Taelor Gray Love

The 12-track-project runs like a story. Gray gets really introspective and masterfully weaves between melody and rhyme. It’s pretty remarkable to come out with such a solid full-length project just a year after he released two in 2017 – Jacob & Judas and In the Way of Me.

Taelor Gray


1. Gotta Make It
2. Politics
3. Giving Up
4. This Will Never Last
5. Atlanta (ft. Lauren Elizabeth)
6. Mystery Clones (ft. Dre Murray)
7. HGP (ft. Eshon Burgundy)
8. No Warning
9. Money
10. Keep On (ft. Angie Rose)
11. Say Goodbye (ft. Christon Gray)
12. Keep Dreaming

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Listen to Taelor Gray below: