Sareem Poems and Ess Be are back after three years of writing with Mind Over Matter.

Sareem Poems and Ess Be

The project will be released on June 15th through Illect Recordings. This is their second full-length project together. It follows-up 2015’s Beautiful Noise.

Mind Over Matter takes on some of the most pressing issues of today’s age. Poems discusses political divisiveness, the dangers of succumbing to greed, loving yourself, and economic inequality in the United States.

Over the last three years, Ess Be has officially made the transition from being a part-time producer with a day job to pursuing music full time. Ess Be mixes up the sounds as he incorporates a little bit of everything. Heavy bass lines and trance-like EDM moments on tracks such as “Dance For The Dead” and “Eyedentity” keep the record moving.

Sareem Poems and Ess Be never shy away from using their platform to bring people together—even as those in power would pull them apart. Mind Over Matter, their second full-length album, “celebrates the beauty of humanity while also questioning the systems of inequity that have kept certain people in power for centuries. It’s always been important to practice self-care in the face of struggle and Mind Over Matter is a manifestation of that.”

Mind Over Matter tracklist:

1. Simply Truthfully
2. Maze
3. Way Up There ft. Sean C Johnson
4. Shallow ft. Finale
5. Dance For The Dead
6. The Way It Goes ft. Al Singleton
7. Eyedentity
8. I See You
9. What’s Wrong ft. Dre Murray & Adan Bean
10. I’m Alright
11. Until We Meet Again

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