Sain Owumi released his debut single “Tryin 2 Live.”

“It’s a high tempo heavy bass song that allows me to rap about relationships I have had in my life,” he shared. “Also as the title alludes to, I speak about the death of a close friend. Despite all of life’s struggles, I plan on persevering.”

Love & Loyalty is his debut six-track EP that this song is from. It talks about the struggles of life and the importance of keeping your loved ones close in hard times.
Sain Owumi is a Nigerian American rapper from NY.
“My main focus is to bring people closer to God but my approach is different because of my audience,” he said. “I start off talking about my life and talking about my struggles which is easy to relate to. Then I tie in how God helps me through those things.”

Listen to Sain Owumi below: