Raw Gutta

Raw Gutta – My God (Free Download)

Chicago-based artist Raw Gutta released his first single “My God” from his upcoming EP, ‘So Beautiful.’

“I had reached the lowest point in my life. It was a very dark and cold place, and all I knew was pain… but I had a sister, who when I could barely get dressed, helped me put on my socks and shoes.” says Raw Gutta.

“I had a brother, who when I just wanted to feel bad for myself, kept making me laugh. I had a mother, who filled out FMLA papers and told me whatever I needed or wanted to eat, she would cook/prepare for me. …A father who filled the role of a nurse, helping me to find any measure of comfort and assisting me in taking medicine. I had a fiance’ (now my wife) who took all of her vacation time and flew to Florida from Chicago and was there with me through surgery and taking my first steps. In such a dark and painful place, when I was afraid, confused, in pain, and unsure of many things, I was able to experience something so beautiful. The Love of God for me fulfilled through others.”

Listen and download Raw Gutta below:



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