Laurel or Yanny

Laurel or Yanny Comes to Christian Hip-Hop with These Two tracks

Last week there was only one question on everyone’s mind: do you hear Laurel or Yanny? The internet was set ablaze as some people were divided by what they perceived to hear.

I tried it myself and heard Yanny loud and clear until I put my headphones in and heard Laurel, which freaked me out. Now I am cursed to only hear Laurel for the rest of my days.

Not to be left out, Christian hip-hop has taken a stab at the question the only way it knows how…by dropping fire records about it!

Check out the tracks below and let us know what you hear.

Watch Ike Hill:

Watch Rare of Breed:

If you have no idea what Laurel or Yanny is, check this video out:

What do you think?


Written by Richard Cutright

Richard Cutright is a full-time motivational speaker, part time battle rapper and serves as a member of the CHH Ginyu Force, better known as the JustHis League.

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