G.O.M.’s Jered Sanders recently discussed his upcoming album Hurry Up & Wait with Survival of the Artist Podcast. Sanders has been pretty hush-hush about the project but dove into the premise of the album.

“It works pretty good for promotional purposes when you give the album title and make people wait,” joked Sanders.

He and his family were going through a trying period during this time. However, it birthed inspiration.

“It was a really tough time in my life,” he admitted. “I started working on it literally right after I came to GOM. A couple of months later I lost my job. That was a tough tough season. I think the thing that God had been trying to tell me the entire time was ‘Be ready’. But you gotta be ready to go all the time.”

Sanders said that too often people interpret God revealing himself to them as a “green light.” Most of the time it’s just a revelation, but you still need to wait on God’s timing. That’s where the title of “Hurry Up & Wait” comes from.

“When I was trying to fill the gap, everything got worse. The album is about God working on me,” he explained.

“It’s some of the best music I ever made.”

The emcee said he now knows what it’s like to truly be an artist and have to live the music. “I don’t wanna go through that again to make this music.”

He continued, “I want to make happy triumphant music.”

Sanders has kept quiet about the release date as well. He did offer a rather large window of “between now and September.”

He is also quite prolific at recording.

“I’m six projects ahead. I finished this one looking at what’s next,” he said. “All six will be out before 2020 is over.”

Other topics Sanders touched upon included his social media strategies and balancing his family life.

Overall, he shares quite a few gems in the podcast.

Listen to Jered Sanders below: