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Erick Dayz – Too Tainted

Tallahassee-based artist Erick Dayz released a new single “Too Tainted” as part of his weekly series TRENCHDAY campaign.

It’s about having the desire to pursuit someone when God is telling you to resist. But because of our sinful nature, we tend to go after what’s not for us anyway.” Erick says.

Listen to Erick Dayz below:


Baby you know how to make me feel accepted. 

We been communicating and you so receptive. 

But I been holding back and you been asking questions. 

Late night texts no reply you feel rejected. 

Meanwhile I’m battling with myself cause I want you. 

I don’t wanna take you home but I want to. 

My friends tellin me I gotta cut you loose. 

And like a moth to a flame how I covet you. 

I shoulda pumped the brakes a long time. 

Got 2 heads but I been thinking with the wrong mind. 

Maybe she’s the right girl, wrong time. 

Or the wrong girl. and I’m just goin blind. 

Had my guard low cause she a church girl. 

Well…a once a month church girl. 

Thinking I could save her so I cape for her. 

Like “In due time she’ll mature. It’ll just take more.” 

Too Tainted. Too Tainted

Vision ain’t clear. Too Tainted.

She was A1 with the talk game.

Had me thinkin bout them jeans like balmain. 2x

Maybe I should put it on the shelf. 

I might be holding on cause I’m selfish. 

When the apple of your eye is forbidden. 

Either choose ya appetite or the Godly decision. 

I done made choices outta brokenness. 

To feel desired is a better high than opium. 

Oxytocin when We get to holding and, nose get open then. Cloud I’m floating in. 

Never too much never too much loving. 

But I’m purely infatuated with you woman. 

But Ya birthday suit should be a wedding gift. 

And the ribbon is the soul tie connectin us. 

If I don’t go the distance, am I less of a man to ya. 

I guess. There might be better plans for ya. 

I figure God loves us separately but not together. 

Pretty wings fly away but I don’t wanna let ya.

Repeat hook.


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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